«Google Contacts» has an updated Material design

«Google Контакты» получили обновлённый дизайн Material

Google has released an update of the app «Google Contacts» to version 3.0. Functional changes in update no, but apparently the service has changed completely.

Now it matches the updated philosophy Material. Active the background color is white and blank inside icons in outline style. The font was replaced with standard Roboto Sans for Google. Phone, «Google Phone» remained in the old version, although inside it are opened and the Contacts.

«Google Контакты» получили обновлённый дизайн Material1
The old design application
«Google Контакты» получили обновлённый дизайн Material2
New app design

In addition to «Contacts», the company actively updates the other applications and web services in a similar style. Update received a mail web client of Gmail, Google Drive and Google Tasks.

The app «Google Contacts» 3.0 is available in the Play Store for some devices, by yourself you can download it from APKMirror.


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