Galaxy Note 9 has become a cause for further ridicule Apple

Galaxy Note 9 стал причиной новых насмешек над Apple

Samsung continues to make fun of the shortcomings of Apple devices in commercials of their products. The reason for two new videos was Galaxy Note 9.

The theme for the first movie were the capabilities of the new flagship. Samsung indicates that Note 9 in no way inferior to iPhone X. for Example, both devices are able to recognize faces. However, here the Korean company is disingenuous: iPhone X uses an IR projector to generate three-dimensional maps of the face, while Note 9 scans the iris of the eye and detects a face through the front camera.

The second video covers the main features 9 Note — S Pen stylus. More precisely, the lack of counterparts for the iPhone. Branded stylus pen for Apple Pencil only works with the range of iPad Pro.


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