Yota 3+: the revival of the acclaimed concept

Yota 3+: возрождение нашумевшей концепции

Within the Hong Kong festival of computer and communication technologies Technologies has introduced Yota Yota 3+ is the successor to Yota YotaPhone 2, and 3.

The smartphone will continue to be a major feature of the series is a 5.2-inch EPD panel on the rear of the case, complementing the main 5.5-inch AMOLED display. The device will run on Android 8.1 with a proprietary shell YETI 4, with some new «chips»:

  • App2Back — moving apps to the second display and parallel use of the two displays with different applications on each of them;
  • Always On — location personalized widgets on a second display, which does not waste energy;
  • YotaSnap — save important information on the EPD display, which will remain there even when your battery is low;
  • YotaSelfie — creating selfies on the main camera with a second display.

Yota 3+: возрождение нашумевшей концепции1

Yota 3+: возрождение нашумевшей концепции2

Yota 3+: возрождение нашумевшей концепции3

Yota 3+: возрождение нашумевшей концепции4

Yota 3+: возрождение нашумевшей концепции5

Yota 3+ will get the Snapdragon 625, 4GB ROM, 64/128 GB ROM, battery 3300 mAh, the main camera on the 13 Megapixel front and 12 Megapixel.

Smartphone sales will begin in mid-September in China at a price of 4,000 yuan (~40 thousand).

Yota Technologies


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