The smartphone of the future from Nubia looks like a watch

The sub-brand of the Chinese company ZTE Nubia within the framework of the exhibition IFA 2018 unveiled a concept smartphone of the future, which is a watch with a flexible display that runs along the entire strap.

The device received the name of Nubia a. The company did not reveal its specifications, however, published videotizer showed many features of the device.

Смартфон будущего от Nubia выглядит, как часы0

Смартфон будущего от Nubia выглядит, как часы1

Смартфон будущего от Nubia выглядит, как часы2

Together with a flexible touchscreen display Nubia a will receive the camera, two keys, located at the edges of the shell, modules Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sensor the heart rate and the earpiece is a metal strap.

In preinstalled, whose name was not disclosed, the application observed: «Contacts», «Find my phone» and «Music player». It is expected that the device will be able to make and receive calls.


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