Tesla have added machine sounds farts

Tesla добавила в машины звуки пуков

A fresh update has brought in all cars Tesla function «Bunches upon request». Car owners can choose a bunch of six different sounds. This publication reports TechCrunch.

The option can be found in settings where there are two modes: «pooky on the switch and bunches for the signal.»

The names of the available sounds by themselves are references to Tesla and Elon musk. For example, «Nepal» is a reference to neogamma Mask, and the Falcon Heavy rocket Space X, which launched in 2018.

In addition, one of the users asked for a Mask to add the same feature to the mobile app the Tesla, which can be used to operate the machine. The man said that he wanted to play the wife remotely when she’s in the car with friends.

This week Tesla revealed the first completed tunnel for the movement of vehicles with a length of 1.8 km.


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