Samsung СЈ79: 34 inch with Thunderbolt 3

Samsung СJ79: 34 дюйма с Thunderbolt 3

Samsung has announced a curved 34-inch monitor with Thunderbolt ports СЈ79 3 and a range of technologies for easy work and gaming.

СЈ79 offers a 34-inch curved VA panel with a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels, an aspect ratio of 21:9, a refresh rate of 100 Hz, 125% coverage color space sRGB, response time 4 MS and a contrast ratio of 3000:1.

Samsung СJ79: 34 дюйма с Thunderbolt 31

Samsung СJ79: 34 дюйма с Thunderbolt 32

Samsung СJ79: 34 дюйма с Thunderbolt 33

Monitor got the Thunderbolt 3 (two jokes, Type-C), two USB 3.0, DisplayPort and HDMI. By means of ports Type-C СЈ79 can transmit the image data and charge an external device with power up to 85 watts.

Technology Picture-by-Picture divides the space in half of the screen for simultaneous display of two signal sources and a function of Picture-in-Picture scales the image from the second source up to 1/4 of the entire screen, allowing you to place a small window in any part of the monitor.

Amongst other features, СЈ79: sync the refresh rate with the graphics card using the AMD FreeSync, two built-in speakers power of 7 watts, height adjustment and tilt.

In sale in territory of Russia СЈ79 will appear September 3. The cost of the monitor is not specified.


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