Opinion: Apple will release the car in 2023-2025 years

Мнение: Apple выпустит автомобиль в 2023-2025 годах

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple in the period between 2023 and 2025 will release its own car, Apple Car. It will be positioned as the next «star» product, along with the first iPhone and Macintosh.

Kuo lists the potential causes of success from IT-company:

  • Potential need for large-scale changes in the automotive sector, since it is overridden by new technologies.
  • The best technological developments of the Apple (e.g., AR) will override the car industry and highlight the Apple Car among the competitors.
  • Service business Apple will grow significantly after the entry of the company into a huge market of car Finance.
  • Apple could create a real integration of hardware, software and services, in contrast to the current competitors in the sector of consumer electronics and the automotive industry.

Project Titan, which Apple developed in 2014 own car has not the best times. From 2017 on the streets of California Cupertino driving self-driving Lexus vehicles with the equipment to Apple and work on his car company seems to have postponed.

Kuo also commented on the development of AR technology inside Apple. In his opinion, the Corporation will release the helmet augmented reality in 2020. The IT giant is planning to re-create modern user interfaces with this technology.


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