Open beta Battlefield V is now available for download

Users of PC, PS4 and Xbox One can already download the client for open beta testing of the multiplayer shooter Battlefield V dedicated to the Second world war.

September 4 at 12:00 GMT the owners of subscriptions to EA Access, Origin of Access, Access Premier and Origin pre-order will get access to the game, and September 6 at the same time, the test will be available to the public and will last until 18:00 GMT on 11 September.

As part of testing, players are offered cards «Arctic fjord» with the mode «Capture» and «the Fall of Norway» and «Rotterdam» in «Capture» mode. Each of the four classes — assault, scout, medic and soldier support — will be represented by one role.

Each role has a unique talent, which affects gameplay. For example, the role of a «field doctor» involves the talent of «Quickening syringe,» the resurrection of any of the allied fighters.

The release of Battlefield V was postponed to November 20.


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