New gaming headset from HP cools the ears

At Gamescom, HP unveiled gaming headset with active cooling Omen Mindframe Headset.

Earphones using patented technology thermoelectric cooling FrostCap, which does not heat up the ears of the user when the headset is long on the head.

Новая игровая гарнитура от HP охлаждает уши0

Journalists who managed to test the device in the case, describe the operation of cooling as the «cool tingling». In addition, hainute received support virtual 7.1 surround sound, RGB-backlit, microphone, self-regulating headband and ear cups made of artificial leather.

To connect to the source of the sound Omen Mindframe Headse uses USB 2.0. In the sale of headphones will be in October at a price of $ 199 (~13 600 rubles).


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