Kevin McCallister is again left home alone with the «Google Assistant»

Кевин Маккаллистер снова остался один дома с «Google Ассистентом»

The star of the film series «home Alone» Macaulay Culkin starred in advertising «Google Assistant». In it, he repeated the scene of the protagonist Kevin McCallister.

The plot of Kevin’s home alone again, but now he helps «the Google». With the help of it the hero leaves reminders, and controls the thermostats, but when she notices a suspicious car at the house, the voice, launches the operation «Kevin».

The assistant locks the smart locks and activates the mannequins that create the appearance of human presence in the house — the robbers are scared of it and leave.

At the time of publication the movie «Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant» is in first place in trends YouTube USA and has collected more than 4 million views.


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