In «Yandex.Money» appeared cashback for purchases

В «Яндекс.Деньгах» появился кэшбек за покупки

The Service «Yandex.The money» ran the program the cashback — refund part of the money spent in the form of bonus points. You can use them for online purchases.

With every purchase in the online shopping «Money» is credited 1 cent in points. If the transaction is done offline with the help of Bank cards of «Yandex», counting only purchases in the category of the month, or every fifth in other categories. In these cases, receive 5 percent bonuses. In September, a month designated category grocery stores.

Each point is equal to one ruble, but in a month they can accumulate up to two thousand. Points can be spent on the online sites, connected to «Yandex.The box office», including Ozon, WildBerries, Joom, «Litres» and other sites.

To join the loyalty program, you need to log in to the site «Yandex.Money» and click «Want to start» in a special section.


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