Google will soon appear on Chromebook

Google Ассистент вскоре появится на Chromebook

Chromebook third party will receive the support of the voice assistant Google now. Previously, he attended only one device on Chrome OS — Google Pixelbook.

Information about the possible appearance of an Assistant in Krombach appeared in February: then hints at this record appeared in the tracking system source code the Chromium Gerrit. Now in the same service there was a comment about adding a button to start the assistant. Users on the branch of Chrome OS for developers can even visit the invitation page chrome://assistant-optin, which, however, is not working.

Google Ассистент вскоре появится на Chromebook1

It is likely that Google will tell you more about the appearance of the Assistant at hrobuchak third party in October, along with a presentation of the Google Pixel 3 XL.


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