Google opens first retail store in Chicago

Google откроет первый розничный магазин в Чикаго

Google plans to open retail store in Chicago, near its headquarters. Anonymous sources The Chicago Tribune reported that the company had almost signed a lease of the building area of 1300 square meters.

Although Google has opened up a lot of temporary points of sale in the pop-up format, the new store will be the first physical place to distribute their products. In it, the company can provide a range of online site Google Store: Pixel smartphones, laptops, Chromebooks, smart speakers, and other devices.

Given the fact that leased the two-story building, more than double the average Apple Store, barely Google will be able to fill private goods. Perhaps the company will allocate areas for lectures or sales of branded clothing and accessories.

Google opened its own online store Google Store in 2015. Now it is available in 36 countries and offers not only products of Google, but its brand Nest and other partners.


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