«YouTube gaming» will stop working in March 2019

«YouTube Гейминг» прекратит работу в марте 2019 года

Google announced the closure of the service «YouTube gaming», launched in 2015. From March next year the product will work as part of the main video.

Page «YouTube gaming» continues to recommend playing video, filter videos by specific title and offer live broadcasts. Channels for specific games is also stored.

«YouTube Гейминг» прекратит работу в марте 2019 года1

Google has shared little with the statistics of gaming video service: daily more than 200 million authorized users browsing gaming content on YouTube, and last year considered more than 50 billion hours of clips.

The Corporation justified its decision on the fact that since the launch of the «Gaming» many of its functions have now been transferred to YouTube, including dark mode, «supercat» and Channel Memberships.

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