Xiaomi laughs at the price of a new iPhone

Xiaomi смеётся над ценой новых iPhone

After the autumn Apple presentation, where the iPhone XR, Xs and Xs Max, Xiaomi company launched the campaign the Apple of China. In the framework it provides a set of devices Xiaomi for the price of one new iPhone.

The XR package includes Suite Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (6+128GB) gray color, fitness bracelet Mi Band 3, laptop Notebook Air is 12.5 Mi (4+256 GB) and headset with Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini. It will cost 6499 yuan (~64 500 rubles) — exactly the price set for iPhone XR minimum configuration in China.

Xiaomi смеётся над ценой новых iPhone1

Xiaomi смеётся над ценой новых iPhone2

Xiaomi смеётся над ценой новых iPhone3

XS Suite for 8699 yuan (~86 300 rubles) consists of a MIX of flagship Mi 2S (8+256 GB) black, 3 Mi Band, silver laptop Notebook Air 13.3 Mi» and Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini.

Maximum set XS Max Suite, priced at 9599 yuan (~95 200 rubles), offers Mi 8 (6+128 GB), laptop Notebook Mi Pro, Mi headphones, Bluetooth Headset Collar and Mi Band 3.

Kits are available on the website Mi.com only for the Chinese market.


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