Sony headphones WH-1000XM3: first look

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд

In the framework of the exhibition IFA 2018 in early September, Sony presented the third generation of the flagship headphones with noise cancelling WH-1000XM3. The first and second version we were previously acquainted, what managed to surprise the Japanese at this time?

Ergonomics is all

For which many blamed both the first and the second model is the ease of use. They are bulky and do not sit as comfortable as the rival, the Bose QC 35 II. This time it’s different.

If you compare the MDR-1000X and WH-1000XM3, significantly changing the shape — the novelty has already become predecessors and slightly lost weight. The upper rim is now all covered with artificial leather, which is not true of the bowls, the outer face is now plastic, does not look so premium.

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд1
Compared with MDR-1000X
Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд2

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд3

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд4

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд5

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд6

In the black version gold elements such as the logo and a dedicated microphone. Beige does not.

Comfort is the first thing you feel when you wear headphones. They were really nice to sit on the head and the rim does not protrude as much as before. That’s a plus.

Changed and the shape of the buttons, now it’s exposed smooth elements turn on and switch modes (Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound), next to the diode. MicroUSB finally replaced the Type-C.

The sound and nothing more

Of course, comfort pales into insignificance compared to the sound. On the Sony stand at the IFA framework, all the headphones were connected to the corporate player, the Walkman, the cost of which starts from 70 thousand rubles, and Yes, it sounded great. But I want to compare the sound via a smartphone, what we do in the full review.

What distinguishes the third generation from all the others — the new chip QN1 (HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1), is responsible for the sound quality. In theory, it should reach the opportunities of wired listening.

The same chip is responsible for the modes of noise cancellation and adaptive sound. It works like this: the chip using a microphone to hear what is happening around and maximally suppresses all other sounds, the technology, called Dual Noise Sensor. We compared stand on the two versions and the difference between the first and third generation are not noticed. Better yet do not work.

Still, upgrade your headphones or to adjust an adaptive equalizer mode, and be branded Sony | Headphones Connect.

Quick mode the Attention Mode is still here — hold the hand to the right ear, and hear everything that happens around. In General, the series of headphones dedicated to those who travel frequently, so all the features were developed with the mind, and not because we can.

A trifle, but nice

For those who will not part with headphones Sony, worked the question of accelerated fast charging. In the second generation it was fast, now even faster — 10 minutes of charging is enough for five hours of battery life!

Included is a hard case made of cloth. In MDR-1000X and WH-1000XM2 he was partially covered in fabric.

Наушники Sony WH-1000XM3: первый взгляд7

Preliminary opinion

The first meeting has caused the desire to quickly get the product and start testing. Sony took a big step in the direction of comfort and now it’s not just some of the best headphones with noise cancelling, but comfortable headset.

In sale in Russia the novelty will appear in October, the price has not been disclosed, but expect the same as last generation, then there are no more than 30 thousand rubles.


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