Shooting the fourth «the Avengers» is officially completed

Съёмки четвёртых «Мстителей» официально завершены

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in «the First avenger» and «Avengers,» said on his Twitter page about the last day of filming the final part of the movies about superheroes.

Shooting «the Avengers 4» is officially completed. It was, to put it mildly, a very emotional day. To play this role for the past eight years has been an honor for me. All the actors, the film crew and spectators — thanks for the memories! Eternally grateful.

Chris Evans is the latest shooting in the role of Captain America, the contract with the actor is not extended.

The premiere of the film «the Avengers 4» set for may 2, 2019. Prior to this, March 8, released another picture of kynoselen Marvel «Captain marvel».

Fees the third part of the epic in the world exceeded 2 billion dollars, with a budget of 321 million.


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