Oppo Find X flagship with a bad design

At the end of June in Paris, Oppo revealed its first, over the past few years, the flagship of Find X. the Device is so innovative and unique in its kind because of do edge-to-edge display with no eyebrows and with the leaving element.

We have already shared first impressions of the device, it’s time to talk about it more.

Specifications Oppo Find X:

  • Dimensions: 156,7×74,2×9.6 mm, 186 g
  • Display: 6,4″, AMOLED, 19,5:9, 2340×1080 (430 ppi)
  • CPU: 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Adreno 630
  • Camera: 16+20 MP (main color and monochrome), 25 MP (front)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM, 256 GB ROM
  • Battery: 3400 mAh (Super VOOC)
  • OS: Android 8.1 (ColorOS 5.1)
  • Connection: Type-C, Wi-Fi (2,5/5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, OTG

Appearance and display

After the release of iPhone X all the polls went to copy the ledge in the screen. Most of the Oppo in the Arsenal is srednebyudzhetnykh with monopoly, but this is the flagship — the conversation is quite different.

Device looks expensive. Front a 6.4-inch AMOLED display is 93.8% of the front surface. The top is a cutout for the earpiece, down a small ledge. The edges are curved like the Samsung Galaxy, is called Panoramic Arc Screen.

Resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels, brightness up to 430 nits, aspect ratio of 19.5:9. Watch movies a real pleasure: no frames, color rendition at the highest level, is a function of improving the video. What saddens is the lack of stereo sound.

Oppo Find X — флагман с нестыдным дизайном0

Protects the display glass Gorilla glass of the fifth generation. Behind the same glass with gradient fill. Available in two colors: ruby Bordeaux, Indigo and Sapphire.

Right power button, on the left, two volume buttons. The bottom speaker, microphone, Type-C for charging and a slot for two nano SIM cards — supports 24 band 4G. Frame and metal buttons. Protection from moisture and dust no.

The main innovation

The reason for the lack of enclosure in leaving the block in the upper part where the sensors and cameras. Technology first tested in Vivo, and then introduced in the flagship Oppo. Promises of up to 300 thousand positives.

The appearance of the module takes 0.5 seconds, but it packs a front camera, a structured light system and a basic dual camera. System of a structured light used Find X for face recognition, equipped with projector angles, camera 25 MP, IR camera and IR emitter. It is called O-Face and is a little nor worse than the iPhone X. Pressed or held up — left module, scanned the face, and hid back. Instantly!

Oppo Find X — флагман с нестыдным дизайном1

The light sensor is also a hidden, embedded special technology due to which aftermarket films and the covers can block the light. From the factory the screen is a film, and the included transparent case.

The smartphone is able to do their counterparts Animoji called Omoji. Again, thanks to the complex system of facial scan.

Oppo Find X — флагман с нестыдным дизайном2


Front 25 MP with aperture f/2.0 is able to do portrait shots, the settings function is available to adjust the lighting. Available features 3D AI SelfieTune 2.0 Beauty and improving your appearance.

Primary double, both eye with an aperture of f/2.0. The first lens on a 16 MP sensor Sony IMX519 (the same used in the OnePlus 6), has optical stabilization. The second on the 20 MP sensor Sony IMX376k — responsible for improving the quality of night photos and analysis of depth in portrait mode.

Photos in the daytime, be rich, night-result slightly better than the mainstream models. Portrait photo is great, the number of artifacts is minimal.

Oppo Find X — флагман с нестыдным дизайном3

There is AI mode Scene Recognition 2.0: 21 recognizes the scene and up to 800 scripts pokrocila brightness and contrast.

The hardware and software

Works Find on 8.1 X Android with a proprietary shell ColorOS 5.1. There are many improvements, but in General it is something very similar.

One of the useful functions: swipe to the left while watching a movie is specifically a menu where you can quickly send SMS, or turn on the screen recording.

There is still a function of the illumination faces of the screen for certain notifications like the Galaxy S8 and S9, the color is customizable. Also in the settings you can choose the type of control gestures or on-screen buttons.

The shell does not cause Vau-effect, but works without brakes and hang-UPS, which is very important.

The flagship Snapdragon processor 845, internal memory 256 GB, internal 8 GB. Recently in China was certified version Find X from with 10 GB of RAM! So Oppo is once again seeking to be a pioneer.

In AnTuTu the smartphone is gaining 285 thousand points, there is a small throttle.

Charge in 35 minutes!

The presentation promised that a special version of the Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition polychip fast charging VOOC Super — from 0 to 100 percent battery on 3400 mAh charge 35 (thirty-five, Karl!) minutes. The good news is that the regular version has the advantage.

Oppo Find X — флагман с нестыдным дизайном4

The supplied charger delivers power 2 amperes and 5 volts, or 5 amperes and 10 volts. This is why it did not add wireless charging —no need. Will not have time to eat, as the smartphone has already been on a hundred percent. And he is not discharged as fast enough for 5-6 hours of screen day of use.

That the output

The cost of Oppo Find X in Russia is estimated at 70 thousand rubles, and as of 3 October 2018, the first batch sold out, sales is nothing.

Version Lamborghini Edition, with 512 GB of memory and headphones O-Free included officially in Russia is not sold, have to order from China or the United States, where the value reaches 150 thousand.

Oppo Find X — флагман с нестыдным дизайном5

Cons some Find X: 1. No NFC, which is unforgivable for a smartphone at this price. 2. It is unknown how much work the mechanism, and many users complain of fragile body.

Oppo really tried to make a decent alternative to the flagship Apple, but it seems that the company this smartphone just wanted to surprise everyone. And they did it.


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