iPhone XS was stronger than usual «tens»

Journalists from CNET tested the strength of the new iPhone XS, dropping the device on concrete slabs with different height in several positions.

XS iPhone has gone through four fall: from a height of 90 cm screen down, from a height of 90 cm upwards, with a height of 150 cm in landscape orientation, the left face down and from a height of 150 cm screen down.

As a result, the smartphone has only a small scratches on the rounded edges of the display and the frame. The glass covering the display and back part, remained intact.

For comparison, last year, journalists from CNET took two falls from a height of 90 cm to take turns to break the glass iPhone X on the front and back panels.

At the last presentation, Apple’s Director of marketing Phil Schiller as last year, said from the stage that the glass in the new iPhone — most durable glass in the history of smartphones.


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