iPhone XS and XS Max —bigger, more powerful, better

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше

At the presentation, held in the name of Steve jobs in California, Apple unveiled the next generation iPhone X called XS. In addition to updated model, showed a version with a larger display screen — XS-Max.

«The best iPhone we ever made» — Tim cook

iPhone Xs got a 5.8-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels (458 ppi). The iPhone XS Max 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED-display with a resolution of 2688×1242 pixel (458 ppi). The frequency of the touch sensor 120 Hz, there is a True Tone, support 3D Touch, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The difference between the devices only in the display size and battery.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше1

The battery capacity is not revealed, promising the following: iPhone XS will work for 30 minutes longer iPhone X, and XS is Max 1.5 hours longer.

Three colors: silver, space grey and gold. Case made of heavy-duty glass, protection IP68 immersion in water to a depth of two meters for 30 minutes.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше2

At the «brows» hidden: microphone, speaker, proximity sensor, infrared and front-facing camera, point, projector, and other sensors. Thanks to them, Face ID has become even safer and works faster. The company promises that the Face ID is the most secure smartphone protection.

The main innovation — heavy duty CPU A12 Bionic, performed on a 7-nanometer technology, as Huawei Kirin 980. 1 square centimeter fit 6.9 billion transistors. In total, the six core processor cores and four graphics cores that complements the neural network.

A12 Bionic handles 5 trillion operations per second, while the A11 at the same time manages only 600 billions. Because of this, the new handsets will cope with any task, whether it’s playing or mounting video.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше3

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше4

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше5

Chip is responsible for everything, including image processing and video. The presentation demonstrated the application HOMECOURT, which you can use to watch basketball game in real time will be displayed how many points scored from which side. In addition, the chip will help bring AR gaming to a new level by adding graphics that A11 Bionic could not physically handle.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше6

Basic dual camera retained the resolution of 12 MP, but have updated the main sensors that are now 2 times faster. Aperture the main eye f/1.8 in telephoto of f/2.4. Dual optical stabilization. Thanks to smart chip, promise a new era of photo and video. Portrait mode is already not smear, plus in the settings added the ability to adjust the degree of blur.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше7
Adjust the amount of blur

New Smart HDR makes a few shots, but the output leaves one the best. In one photo, the processor performs one trillion operations, achieving the best frame.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше8
Examples of a photo on the iPhone XS
iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше9

Front camera with a resolution of 7 MP also promises a great portrait shots due to the second infrared camera. Video the front camera records 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Improved and stereo speakers — pulled the volume and sound quality. Microphones are now able to record in stereo.

One of the most important new features are support for multiple SIM cards and Gigabit LTE.

The iPhone XS starts from $ 999 (about 70 thousand rubles). Option three memory: 64, 256, or 512 GB. iPhone XS Max is offered with the same amount of memory, the price of 1099 dollars (~76 thousand).

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше10

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше11

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше12

Pre-order will start on September 14, on sale from 21 September. In Russia will appear only on September 28.

Lowered the price on the iPhone 7 and 8 — 449 and $ 599, respectively. Pro iPhone X said nothing, probably it will be removed from production.

On the Russian Apple website already published the official prices of the new iPhone in Russia.

  • the iPhone XS — from 87 990 rubles
  • iPhone XS Max — 96 990 rubles

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше13

The iPhone XS and XS Max already preinstalled iOS 12, for all other users it will be available on September 17.


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