InterStep SBS-380: available portable speakers

Portable speaker systems is experiencing a new boom of its own popularity. Numerous producers put on the market a lot of devices ranging from high-end solutions to the most available models. Today, we introduce you with an average solution InterStep SBS-380, Yes, it’s okay, I too such had never heard of.


The designers obviously studied the market and came to a fair conclusion that the success of the oval can not think of anything. And they certainly were right! And for secure attachment to the surface was provided by four legs.

At the top of the device, you can find two tactile buttons «plus» and «minus». In fact, you now I do not believe it, but between them is a third button, right where the manufacturer’s logo. You see, even such a device may surprise you.

On the sides expect to see the subwoofer, but no. On one side flaunts a neat cap, under which there is a microSD slot, microUSB, USB 2.0 and AUX.

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка0

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка1

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка2

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка3

A second Board dedicated to control. In the middle of the recess was placed the power key, above the «M» responsible for the regime change, the right choice of EQ. Not difficult to guess that the left button is responsible for receiving calls and Bluetooth connection. And below is the battery indicator made in the form of four LEDs.


Sound answer from four sources, two 10 Watt and two 2.5 Watt. Total output of 25 Watts. Indeed, it is quite average, but I said for the average room 20-25 square meters is enough.

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка4

The column is able to play frequencies from 40 to 20,000 Hz, impedance is 4 Ohms with a sensitivity of 60 DB.

The volume of the sound missing. The scene is not flat, even though any individual instruments you will hear. At maximum volume it is possible to notice a slight wheezing that is sore for most sound systems.

What surprised me is the built-in equalizer, which works in three modes: bass, MIDs, treble. Ie the user one click sets the priority sector and immediately get the result.

By the way, the connection happens via Bluetooth to 4.1, which is not greatly reduces the quality of the records, as well as the stock volume. However, you can always use the analog connection.

A nice bonus is the built-in battery 8800 mAh, from which you can also charge the smartphone. But if you leave it entirely to the audition, then the column will last about 15 hours and is at 70% volume.

If you tire of your library, then you can safely go on the FM wave. Built-in antenna receives the signal is stable. Problems can arise only with very thick walls, if you put a column somewhere in the depths of the apartment.

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка5

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка6

InterStep SBS-380: доступная портативная колонка7

During transportation is clearly necessary to make allowance for the weight of the device. Two kilograms can be a a heavy burden, but included is a strap, and in the upper part of the special lugs to attach the strap.

The results

Of course, do not run to compare InterStep monsters of the market. After all, despite a decent performance, filling strictly dependent from the price. And in its price range, which is about 6 thousand rubles, column feels very stable.

And if you do not like to start something classical, the sound you will enjoy. And an extensive list of additional features to facilitate listening to your favorite songs.


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