Classic cartoons in HD on «Yandex»

In «Yandex» is now available ten childhood cartoons in good quality. Technology to increase video resolution is called DeepHD and uses a neural network.

The technology was developed by specialists of «Yandex» in several stages, from choice of technology to learning and the speed of the neural network. Spring DeepHD experienced the old movies: «rainbow» by Mark Donskoy (1943), «the cranes are Flying» by Mikhail Kalatozov (1957), «the Destiny of man» by Sergei Bondarchuk (1959) and others. The result is striking.

Классические мультфильмы в HD на «Яндексе»0

From September 25 to look into the superior quality of «Mowgli», «Snow Queen», «Thumbelina», «the Nutcracker», «the Bremen town musicians», «the Golden antelope» and other creations of the Studio «Soyuzmultfilm».

Updated old movies available on the site «Kinopoisk».


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