Apple has confirmed to Congress that it was not hacked

Apple подтвердила Конгрессу США, что её никто не взламывал

Resource Reuters managed to get a letter from members of Congress from the Vice-President of worldwide information security at George Stathakopoulos, which commented on a recent Bloomberg report about the hacking of Chinese intelligence.

In a letter to congressmen Stathakopoulos said that repeated internal inspection of the equipment revealed no extraneous chips.

Private security Apple constantly scanning the outgoing traffic because it indicates the presence of malware and other illegal actions, — stated in the message of Stathakopoulos.

Recall that in a recent report with reference to anonymous sources, Bloomberg claims that production in China the company’s server hardware Supermicro was outfitted with the malicious chips that monitors the activities of 30 U.S. companies, including Apple and Amazon.


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