«Yandex.Station» in the red case is available in a limited quantity

«Яндекс.Станция» в красном корпусе доступна в лимитированном количестве

The Service «Yandex.Music» offers a smart column «Station» in red color. The new color variant of the device will go on sale in limited quantities.

New model available by subscription only. It costs $ 389 per month, after three years of paying «Station» remains with the owner. Along with a subscription attached, the service «Yandex.Plus», which includes exclusives on the «Kinopoisk» extended storage «Disk» and other bonuses.

«Яндекс.Станция» в красном корпусе доступна в лимитированном количестве1

«Яндекс.Станция» в красном корпусе доступна в лимитированном количестве2

Multimedia platform «Yandex.Station» works with voice assistant «Alice». She can read stories to children at night, to play music according to preferences, check the weather and much more. When you connect a «Station» to the TV activates the interface with a library of «Kinopoisk».

«Station» in black, purple and silver gray colors available in the marketplace «Take» for 9990 rubles.


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