Veteran Blizzard commented on the scandal around Diablo Immortal

Former Blizzard employee mark Kern, who had produced Diablo II, and led the team of developers of the original World of Warcraft, in a series of tweets expressed his opinion about the sensational announcement of the mobile Diablo Immortal.

According to Kern, Blizzard no longer understands gamers. The developer does not see anything wrong with the mobile version of Diablo, but he was surprised at the failure of management to Blizzard, who could not foresee such reaction of the community.

Any fan of Diablo would tell you that would happen, if you asked, says mark Kern

As Blizzard announces the development of several projects in the Diablo universe, according to Kern, the company was worth to announce a new game for the PC along with a presentation of the mobile Diablo Immortal.

The announcement of Diablo Immortal took place at the opening of BlizzCon 2018. Game developed by Chinese Studio NetEase, a well-known mobile MMO Endless of God.

Due to the many «warming up» hints prior to the presentation, fans were expecting a remake of Diablo II, the expansion for Diablo III and even the new Diablo IV for the PC. Mobile Diablo Immortal has caused a wave of discontent, which resulted in the two game trailer on YouTube got over-the-top number dislikes. Blizzard even tried to upload the videos to reduce the amount dislikes.

In a series of questions and answers at BlizzCon 2018 one of the fans asked the developers, but isn’t the announcement of the game’s belated April fool’s joke? The question took the representatives by surprise Blizzard.


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