The unlock system in the face the flagship for Android cheated 3D layout of the head

Last week the portal Forbes conducted an experiment: the journalist Thomas Brewster created a replica of his head using a 3D printer and tested the unlock smartphones using a person.

Head of Thomas was printed in the lab Backface in the UK. Journalist brought in a domed Studio where there were more than 50 cameras to capture three-dimensional images. From the resulting material on a 3D printer recreated a copy of the head of a journalist.

Participated in the test X and the iPhone four devices on the Android operating system: LG ThinQ G7, Samsung S9, Samsung Note 8 and OnePlus 6. Artificial head worked on all smartphones, except for Apple devices.

Систему разблокировки по лицу в флагманах на Android обманули 3D-макетом головы0
Head of Thomas Brewster created using a 3D printer

The journalist notes that some of the differences between the protection devices on Android and iOS from hacking was still. For example, when you first turn on LG G7 there was a warning that the user should not enable face detection: «face recognition is a secondary unlock method, in which your phone becomes less safe.»

The LG spokesman told the publication that the function of face recognition can be improved in the devices with the enhanced recognition that LG recommends that during setup. Or just use a PIN code or a fingerprint.

A similar warning appeared when running the Samsung S9. However, when configuring the device first presents the option of unlocking was the face recognition and the iris.

Smartphone Note 8 has the function of faster face recognition, which by his own admission the manufacturer is less secure than other unlock methods.

The OnePlus 6 there were no warnings, no choice is more secure recognition. The Forbes experiment showed that the phone instantly opens with the appearance of the fake head and was the least safe of the tested devices. The representative of the OnePlus is also recommended edition to use a password, PIN or fingerprint security.

According to the newspaper, Apple’s investment in technology has paid off, and the company offers the best security methods in the mobile market.


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