Tales of «Alice» the voice of the Russian stars

«Yandex» has recorded children’s stories with the participation of Sergey Lazarev Alena’s She, Tatyana Lazareva, Anton Komolova, Ivan Okhlobystin and Antohe MC. Specifically for the project wrote the music on the background.

To include tales using voice assistant «Alice» commands: «Alice, put the tale of Alena’s She» or including «the frog Princess» performed by the famous singer.

Available until six fairy tales: «the Gingerbread house», «Baba Yaga», «the Seven ravens», «the frog Princess», «New dress of the king» and «Sivka-burka». Collection promise to replenish.

The album is also available in «Yandex.Music.» In addition, the archive service and «Alice» is available for more than a hundred tales.

10 Oct voice assistant «Alice» was one. In honor of «Yandex» has launched a contest with prize money of 1.4 million rubles.


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