Service to find travel companions BlaBlaCar was paid

Сервис для поиска попутчиков BlaBlaCar стал платным

Search service for automobile travel BlaBlaCar introduced paid booking trips stretching over 120 km.

Access fees for the day will amount to 149 rubles per month — 199 rubles. While trips less than 120 km. Clients who have benefited from the service from 10 October to 5 November, will receive a free subscription for three months.

As noted by the head of BlaBlaCar in Russia Irina reyder, now the company is launching a monetization in the countries of presence — there are 18. In her opinion, trips using the service will still be cheaper than bus or train.

BlaBlaCar is now left without competitors: BeepCar owned by Mail.Ru Group, purchased by the service in August, and the work «Yandex.Ride» suspended in September. In Russia BlaBlaCar benefit 15 million people.


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