One message turns the PS4 into a «brick». How not to remain without a console?

Одно сообщение превращает PS4 в «кирпич». Как не остаться без консоли?

Consoles PS4 users experiencing problems with malicious members of the community, sends other players a message that causes the system to hang.

The problem affects users whose privacy settings allowed to receive messages from any players.

Одно сообщение превращает PS4 в «кирпич». Как не остаться без консоли?1

As a preventive measure, you should change this option in one of the following ways:

  • On PS4 go to «Settings» -> «account Management» -> «privacy Settings» -> «Personal information» -> «Messages» and select «None» or «Friends»;
  • In the mobile app the same option is available under «Edit profile» -> «privacy Settings» -> «Personal information» -> «Messages».

If the console is already turned into a «brick», you should delete the received message in a mobile application for iOS and Android. If that doesn’t work, it is recommended that the engineering database. Last exit: return to factory settings.


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