Keyboard Gboard received a «floating» mode

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим

With the latest updates of the Android version of the keyboard Gboard received a «floating» mode.

It is activated from the extended menu in the top left corner of the keyboard and allows you to «undock» the keyboard from the usual position in the lower half of the display. The keyboard window allows you to change its size and can be placed in any part of the screen.

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим1

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим2

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим3

It may take some time before the «floating» mode will appear for all users of the stable version of the application. Impatient users can take part in the program testing unstable builds Gboard.


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