Instruction to return search screen On Google Tap on any device

Инструкция по возвращению поиска по экрану Google On Tap на любом устройстве

Google Now On Tap first appeared in Android smartphones in 2015. She helped to find brands, people, and unfamiliar concepts that appear on the screen at that moment. But later Google has replaced any many service.

On the YouTube channel for the app Tasker, which performs routine actions for you, there was a guide how to get Google Now On Tap, while maintaining Assistant.

  • Install the app Tasker, AutoShare and Google Lens
  • Open the AutoShare, and grant access permission to memory: the application will save the screenshots and send them Google Lens
  • Open this link on your smartphone with installed Tasker and click Import
  • Start the task by adding a shortcut in the quick launch bar

Google Lens able to highlight and search for information not only from the screenshots, but real world using smartphone’s camera.


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