Google Pixel 3 restricts fast charging third-party wireless stations

Google Pixel 3 ограничивает быструю зарядку сторонних беспроводных станций

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL supports fast wireless charging of 10 watts provided by a proprietary station Pixel Stand. As it turned out, courts other manufacturers to artificially limit power to 5 watts.

Google representatives said that the restriction is created for safety. At the same time, the company launched the certification process Made for Google, which is partly aimed at expanding the list of charging stations with the ability to quickly replenish the energy of the Pixel 3 wirelessly.

Now we know of one manufacturer that has partnered with Google — Belkin. Online brand a Boost Up station with 10 watts for Pixel, but while the device is not available for purchase.

Station wireless charging Pixel Google Stand not only works with the Pixel 3 at full speed, but activates a special mode of Google Assistant with quick access to main commands and weather.


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