Died Paul Allen, the Microsoft cofounder

Скончался Пол Аллен, один из основателей Microsoft

In Seattle at the age of 65 died by Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft. This was reported on the website of his company Vulcan Inc. Cause of death was a complication of cancer.

A few weeks ago, Paul Allen announced that he was diagnosed with a relapse of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He noted that doctors «are optimistic and see the positive dynamics after the first therapy sessions». It should be noted that this type of cancer Paul Allen was able to recover about nine years ago.

Microsoft Allen and his high school friend bill gates opened in 1975. Left the company Floor in 1983, sold part of the shares and retaining a seat on the Board of Directors. In 2015, Paul Allen took the 51st place in the Forbes list.


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