BllocZero18: monochrome Android smartphone with Oreo

BllocZero18: смартфон с монохромным Android Oreo

German startup Blocc collects pre-orders for the smartphone BllocZero18 with a monochrome interface. The device was created with the purpose not to distract from everyday Affairs, while not yielding to the capabilities of other smartphones.

The device runs on Android 8.1 with a proprietary graphical shell, resembling an ordinary launcher from Android in black and white.

However, when you enable the proprietary mode Blocc interface is divided into three screens: the similarity command line, which «pulls» information from other applications, the set of installed applications in the form of cards and social center, where all messages and call history.

BllocZero18: смартфон с монохромным Android Oreo1

BllocZero18: смартфон с монохромным Android Oreo2

BllocZero18: смартфон с монохромным Android Oreo3

BllocZero18: смартфон с монохромным Android Oreo4

Any running application will default to black and white, but the touch of the fingerprint scanner on the rear side of the smartphone will make the interface colorful.

As for the specs: 5.8-inch Full HD display with a cut in the top, Helio P23 processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM expandable with microSD cards, battery 3000 mAh, the main camera 13 MP (Sony IMX258) and a front module of 8 MP.

Other features: port Type-C, 3.5 mm audio Jack, transparent back panel, 1 year warranty, covering any damage.

Pre-order BllocZero18 ask for 359 euros (~27 thousand). Buyers who committed the pre-order will receive the device in November.


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