«Yandex.Map» will tell you where to eat and how to relax

«Яндекс.Карты» подскажут, где поесть и как отдохнуть

Mobile apps and the web version of «Yandex.Cards» there were collections of urban places, including restaurants and leisure establishments.

The collections are composed of urban experts, journalists and media, including the edition of «Billboard», Meduza and KudaGo. While most of the recommendations made for the Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in the future there will be collections and for the regions.

«Яндекс.Карты» подскажут, где поесть и как отдохнуть1

«Яндекс.Карты» подскажут, где поесть и как отдохнуть2

«Яндекс.Карты» подскажут, где поесть и как отдохнуть3

«Яндекс.Карты» подскажут, где поесть и как отдохнуть4

We wanted to combine references from popular publications and the capabilities of modern cards, where is the actual information. Now you can not only read selections from experts who you trust, but also to find interesting places on the map, check the time, view the menu or build the route, product Manager Yuri Bolotov

The collections are divided into categories: food, entertainment, shopping, services, places for children, but on the eve of new year holidays has a theme recommendation.


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