Volkswagen Beetle in the image of Bumblebee appeared in the catalogue «the»

Volkswagen Beetle в образе Бамблби появился в каталоге «Авто.ру»

Automotive resource «» has announced a rally in honor of the release of the Russian movie «Bumblebee». Users can search the directory for yellow Volkswagen Beetle 1967 — this model starred in the role of Autobot.

If you call the phone number listed in the ad, will answer Optimus Prime and start the quest about six cars-the images of «Bumblebee» which is prepared «» for fans of the series fighters «transformers».

The winners will attend a special screening of the solo film about the yellow Autobot «Bumblebee» on 11 December in the cinema «KARO 11 Oktyabr». There you can see the Beetle in person.

A spin-off of «Bumblebee» comes out in Russian theaters on December 13. The film tells about how a robot becomes familiar in the comics and the cartoons look. The Director of the film was made by Travis knight.


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