Trailers of the week. 26 Nov-1 Dec

Трейлеры недели. 26 ноября-1 декабря

Two sad news this week — the death of the Creator of spongebob Stephen Hillenburg and closing of the series «Daredevil» after the third season. But do not let the bad, immediately to the news of the week.

«Artemis Fowl»

New from Disney. Underground world populated by gnomes, elves, leprechauns and other fairy creatures. Its inhabitants fall into the attention of Artemis fowl, the con man and the only heir of the ancient family of the criminal genius who decided to Rob everyone. Premiere on 8 August 2019.

«VOX Suite»

The film is about the scandalous singer (Natalie Portman), the popularity of which contributed to a childhood trauma — shooting their peers at school. In the cinema from 7 March 2019.

«Like a dream»

In trying to find the reason for the suicide of a famous husband, Catherine is sent in a scandalous sex club, to investigate. Starring Katherine Waterston, Michael Shannon, and Luke Evans. Premiere on 4 January 2019.


The plot revolves around a British soldier (Jason Clarke), his wife (keira Knightley) and German architect (Alexander Skarsgard), whose house they settled. The action takes place in the post-war years in Hamburg. A love triangle and other inconveniences. Movie from 25 April 2019.

«Fugitives» season 2

The series is based on Marvel comics. The continuation of the story about teenagers with superpowers, whose parents are part of a group of supervillains. Premiere on Hulu on December 21.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

Disney has launched a children’s channel, the first project of which was an animated short series based on the movie «Star wars.» It will use the dialogue and music from the original movies. The first series is already available.


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