The first smartphone with Snapdragon 855 will release OnePlus

Первый смартфон с Snapdragon 855 выпустит OnePlus

The head of OnePlus Pete Lau spoke at the event Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018, describing the cooperation of the Chinese brand with Qualcomm and announced a smartphone based on Snapdragon chipset 855.

Lau said that OnePlus has started to work with Qualcomm with the release of the first smartphone, which was installed Snapdragon 801. Subsequently, all devices of the brand has been system of the line Snapdragon 800.

We know that Snapdragon 855 — the most powerful chipset, so it’s the only option for our smartphone, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus

Later, the OnePlus account on Twitter has published a recording which announces the flagship with support for 5G at the beginning of 2019 in partnership with Qualcomm and British operator EE.

Snapdragon 855 announced on 4 December. System-on-chip with the configuration of the GPU core 1+3+4 equipped with a 640 GPU Adreno, Snapdragon LTE modems and Snapdragon X24 X50 5G and built according to the process of 7 nm.


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