Streaming service Disney+ will launch by the end of 2019

Стриминговый сервис Disney+ запустят в конце 2019 года

Disney CEO Bob iger stated that the streaming service Disney+ will start in late 2019. Earlier it was reported about the first half of next year.

Bob also confirmed that the service will launch a series of Loki with Tom Hiddleston in the title role, the prequel to the movie «Star wars. Outcast-Single,» the adventures of Cassian Andora and a new season of animated series «Star Wars: the clone Wars».

Rumors about a separate series about the Scarlet witch and blow the Falcon and Bucky, the head of Disney has not commented on, but most of all they are also worth the wait. In addition, all the TV shows from the world of Marvel will move on with Netflix Disney+.


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