Statistics: every hour in America is split almost 6000 screens of smartphones

Статистика: каждый час в Америке разбивается почти 6000 экранов смартфонов

Provider of insurance services for electronics and appliances SquareTrade has released a report about the damage of smartphone screens in the U.S. and replacements.

Smartphone owners broke with more than 50 million of the displays and paid $ 3.4 billion for repair last year. Every hour in the United States 5761 broken device more than half do not repair damaged phones, and still use them.

The most popular cause of failure display remains fall to the ground. Other common scenarios are considered to be falling out of the pocket and getting into the water or the toilet.

All current smartphones have glass elements that are unreliable for everyday use. The correction of even the smallest cracks or damage can cost hundreds of dollars. Our survey found that the majority of smartphone owners underestimate the amount that will be required for the recovery of the smartphone, Jason Siciliano, Vice President SquareTrade

75 percent of owners believe that repairing the display will cost less than $ 150, but fix iPhone XS Max, for example, costs $ 329.

SquareTrade told me to always enjoy the protection of display and body — covers and films.


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