Snapdragon Tech Summit: flagship Snapdragon 855 and the future of 5G

December 4, Hawaii was the first day of the event Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit. The company announced the chip new generation Snapdragon 855, as previously mentioned in the leaks.

Along with this, the show was shown several technologies, and the main topic for discussion was communication 5G.

Snapdragon 855

Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies Alex Katouzian came on the scene with the latest processor, which should «change the perception of life with a telephone». 855 Snapdragon supports 4G and 5G connection. Chip works with a software accelerator, the fourth generation of AI Engine from Qualcomm, which should provide three times the productivity of artificial intelligence.

The chipset will support the function of vision thanks to the new ISP Computer Vision, which will help the device’s camera to recognize any object. According to Katouzian, it will change the idea of taking photos and videos among users.

Snapdragon Tech Summit: флагманский Snapdragon 855 и будущее 5G0

Snapdragon 855 works with the system podernovo ultrasonic fingerprint sensor 3D Sonic Sensor. Such a sensor can capture a complete three-dimensional image of the fingerprint and will work under any conditions, even if the finger is dirty or wet.

Katouzian also said that the chip is optimized for mobile gaming. This he submitted is compatible with the processor a new system of Elite Gaming, which will help the device to consume less power in games.

Snapdragon Tech Summit: флагманский Snapdragon 855 и будущее 5G1

Read more about the characteristics of the chip will tell on 5 December, the second day of the event.

The connection of new generation 5G

The company’s President, Cristiano Amon immediately identified the topic of the presentation — link 5G, thanks to which almost everything in the world will be connected.

The President of Qualcomm talked about the future. One of the problems which might face 5G, is a modern battery. The device may not be ready to millimeter range for mmWave data transfer that consume too much energy. However, Amon is confident that these challenges can be met through the creation of new types of batteries.

Vice-President of Verizon Nicky Palmer shared the results of the test 5G connectivity in the United States. The average Internet speed reached up to 1 GB per second.

In such a context, download season of the beloved series for a couple of minutes.

In 2019 5G will work in more than 19 cities in Europe, North America, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Snapdragon Tech Summit: флагманский Snapdragon 855 и будущее 5G2

About support 5G connection began to declare more and more manufacturers. Apple will release its device compatible with the fifth generation networks in 2020, plans to build a 5G and Chinese vendors.


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