Snapdragon 8150 can be represented by 4 Dec

Snapdragon 8150 может быть представлен 4 декабря

Qualcomm has started sending invitations to the annual summit in Hawaii. 3 December there will be welcome dinner, and the main event will start 4 December — usually the first day the manufacturer shows new high-end chipset.

This time it may be the Snapdragon 8150, known as Snapdragon 855.

The summit on the island of Maui will last four days and will end with a party. The invitation includes the VR headset Xiaomi, which loses a three-dimensional video with the stage and nature of Hawaii.

Snapdragon 8150 может быть представлен 4 декабря1

Snapdragon 8150 может быть представлен 4 декабря2

Snapdragon 8150 может быть представлен 4 декабря3

It is expected that Snapdragon 8150 will be the first chipset company built for 7-nm process. Eight-core system will consist of one high-performance Cortex-A76, three middle (again Cortex A76) and four energy efficient Cortex modules-A55. Clock frequency of clusters of 2.84, 2.4 and 1,78 GHz, respectively.

In AnTuTu system-on-chip is gaining 362 292 points more than Apple A12 Bionic and Kirin 980.


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