Snap is preparing a premium version of points that support AR

Snap готовит премиальную версию очков с поддержкой AR

In the network appeared information about the new project company, Snap, Creator of the app Snapchat. The development was codenamed Newport and will be a new version of the original points.

As in previous versions, the frame will contain multiple cameras. Only now they will be used to create effects more reality in the video.

Promises to use more premium materials, we are talking about aluminum.

In the first game will be a total of 24 000 points. This step is associated with the new loss plan loss, which was developed after numerous personnel changes associated with launches of previous models.

The circulation of the first version of points was 800 000 copies, which was considerably higher demand. This led to the removal from office of Director of hardware.

The price of the ready device will be higher than earlier models. The product will ask $ 350, but the presentation and the start of sales of the insider promises by the end of this year.


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