Samsung spoke about the future innovations for smartphones Galaxy

Samsung рассказала о будущих нововведениях для смартфонов Galaxy

Samsung representatives said the users of the official forum, what innovations were added in the phones of Galaxy series and which will be seen in 2019.

Major changes occurred with the interface. Shell Samsung Experience changed to One UI for smartphones with Android 9 Pie.

Some proprietary applications have also been updated. For example, in the «Gallery» had an opportunity to organize your photos into albums and widget Clock app integrated settings of color and transparency.

Other chips of the year:

  • The main events can be seen in the «Calendar» in the view mode to months
  • «Video editor» was supported for file format HEIF
  • The series phones Galaxy A for the front camera, added feature «Self-focus»
  • For Galaxy S9 and Note 9 updated the list of Emoji
  • «Browser» learned how to scroll pages using the S Pen
  • In the original Samsung keyboard included search Emoji

In the first half of 2019 will affect Good Lock application to change the appearance of Samsung smartphones. The program Routines that performs the action on the events, you can set the sound and vibration.

At the end of next year manage your notes with Samsung Notes will be easier in handwriting mode you can zoom in and zoom out. There will be a choice of background color for notes.

The above features will be available for Samsung smartphone with sheath One UI. Some users have already received the second beta of firmware.


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