PowerPoint and Skype learned how to add subtitles in real time

On the international day of persons with disabilities, Microsoft announced a new feature for PowerPoint and Skype.

During the presentation in PowerPoint, a user with a microphone can add captions and subtitles in real time.

Artificial intelligence will understand the speaker said it and will show it as text on the screen with a slide. If desired, the captions can be translated into more than 60 languages of the world. According to the developers, the function is designed specifically for hard of hearing people.

Will the service support the Russian language, is unknown. Update for Windows is expected in February 2019.

Signature in real time will be available in Skype. When making an audio, a video call, users can enable the option «Subtitles», which enables you to see the speech of an interlocutor in the form of a text message.

PowerPoint и Skype научились добавлять субтитры в реальном времени0

The update for Skype will gradually become available on all platforms.

Last year Microsoft showed a similar program to PowerPoint slides for translation into a foreign language. The company also said that over the past three years applications office Office 365 has received over 30 new features.


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