Nike has released a sneaker to honor the original PlayStation

Nike выпустила кроссовки в честь оригинальной PlayStation

Nike introduced the world to their new shoes PG 2.5 x Playstation in the colors of the original game consoles from Sony.

We have previously seen the black version of the sneaker with a glowing logo and a non-replaceable battery. Now it is based on grey and original four-color logo.

No illuminated elements in this model, so wear sneakers possible as long as they’re not unusable, but not the end of the service life of the batteries.

The start of sales is scheduled for 1 December. Look for the new stands at the SNKRS app and select retailers. But what, Nike doesn’t specify.

The cost will be $ 110. Recall that the previous model at launch was sold for 110 euros, so the absence of illumination has a positive impact on the final price tag.


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