NASA plans to use SpaceX to deliver astronauts to the ISS

NASA планирует задействовать SpaceX для доставки астронавтов на МКС

7 January 2019 the Falcon 9 delivered the Dragon Demo-1 on the ISS. The first run will be without a crew.

Immediately after this test flight, NASA will try to evaluate the possibility of launching similar media in conjunction with the ship and crew.

Since 2011, the United States cannot deliver astronauts to the ISS, due to rolled own program Shuttle. As a result, had to resort to assistance from their space colleagues and to use the media programme «Union».

If the launch is successful, then in June will be held the second run, where on Board the rocket Dragon Demo 2 will be two astronauts. During the second launch is planned to test the system interrupts.

Shortly after launch, the Falcon 9 will reset the time capsule and return to base. As the astronauts landed.

In addition, NASA is concerned about the level of culture and security at the workplace. The space Agency wants to be sure that all responsible for the launch of SpaceX employees will be in proper working condition.

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