Mobile division of Samsung is facing a crisis

Мобильное подразделение Samsung переживает кризис

According to the Korea Herald media, the parent company of Samsung Electronics are unhappy with the results of the smartphone business. The head of the mobile division has been criticized Vice-President of the Corporation Whether Jaunam low financial performance.

Operating profit for the third quarter decreased by 30 percent compared to the previous reporting period and 10 per cent relative to the level of a year ago.

As for innovation, the source of the Korea Herald reported on «a rigid system of decision-making in a mobile unit,» which does not allow the company to find and apply new ideas.

In addition, Samsung has ceded the top spot in sales of smartphones in India Chinese rival Xiaomi. In China the South Korean company does have a share of less than one percent, trailing at least five local producers.

I’m sorry about the current state of the smartphone business and Samsung will make every effort to overcome the crisis with the help of Galaxy S10 and foldable smartphone — the head of Samsung Mobile, Dong Jin Ko

That’s why the next flagship of the company is a new kind of cutout in the display format of the opening and podkrovny fingerprint scanner. Folding smartphone called the Galaxy F also uses some innovative solutions. Both devices will get a new chipset Exynos 9820 with neural subsystem.

Korea Herald


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