LG has patented a smartphone with a camera with 16 lenses

LG запатентовала смартфон с камерой из 16 объективов

As the resource LetsGoDigital, LG has received a patent in the patent and trademark office, on a smartphone with a camera, consisting of 16 lenses.

Lenses are placed in a matrix with a certain curvature relative to the housing of the smartphone, so the camera may create three-dimensional pictures. The patent indicates multiple scenarios, for example, the user can take a picture with a single specific sensor.

LG запатентовала смартфон с камерой из 16 объективов1

LG запатентовала смартфон с камерой из 16 объективов2

LG запатентовала смартфон с камерой из 16 объективов3

LG запатентовала смартфон с камерой из 16 объективов4

When shooting with multiple lenses there is a choice of the best result. You can also highlight part of the object, for example, a person’s head and change its angle display, while other elements of the photo will remain in place.

On the back was a prototype of the smartphone is a flashlight and a mirror — the latter will help when shooting selfies with the main camera. The front is also present, but with fewer features, so useful only for video calls.

The patent States that the technology can be applied to the smartphone of a different configuration. For example, foldable — LG just registered a trademark for such a device.

According to rumors, Nokia is preparing a smartphone with five lenses in the main camera. Chetyrehjadernyj module already exists in the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018).



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