It is better to buy: iOS or Android?

Что лучше купить: iOS или Android?

The mobile market is clearly dominated by the two operating platforms. This Android and iOS. According to 2017, behind the green robot remains 85,9% of the market, iOS are sitting only 14% of users.

It would seem the choice is obvious, but no. Today we will discuss this in detail.


This is the main reason for this huge difference in proportions between the two platforms. In the case of iOS, the device produces only one Apple. And Android devices to charge all and Sundry. That allows you to choose the device for every budget. Whether it’s a fancy flagship or weak machine for grandma or the child.

If you look in the category of flagships, the comparison of the two operating systems becomes quite logical. Low-end models iOS you will find.


It follows straight from the first paragraph. The fact that Apple is the developer as software and linking hardware. This is why device companies are renowned for their most effective use of resources. Although in recent versions of iOS common bugs.

In the case of Android, often can cause problems with getting the latest updates because they are released by Google and only then are optimized by the device manufacturer.

In other words, the stability of the devices on iOS is often higher. Like support time — even three-year old devices get the latest updates on par with current flagships.


Application developers often simply can’t debug their applications. If the choice fell on the famous world brand, it is not worth waiting, with iron lesser-known companies may be compatibility issues, crashes or incorrect operation. In the case of iOS, if the app exists, it works.

System and shell

It is worth to clarify that advanced users with Android live happier. There is the ability to customize literally every corner of the system. You can change the firmware to mess with the appearance of a separate application, i.e., to customize the device.

If we talk about iOS, then you have a complete system and you can not change it. It is the same for all users and on all devices.

Android manufacturers often sin that install proprietary graphic shell. Sometimes you can put two identical devices side by side, each of which will be seriously different.


It is important to understand that iOS does not allow to install pirated software or easy-to-download unlicensed music. Closed and organized system restricts the user. Paid apps do you have to buy. Just download the torrent, too, will fail, and to download the films will have to perform «dance with a tambourine».

In this respect, Android is much superior to his opponent. The file system is open and you can make it do anything. Download movies, music or any apps.

The reverse side of the openness of the Android operating system is the fact that the malicious software for the platform many times over. Users of iOS applications and not heard, while the owners of Android risk to get malware even from a corporate store Google Play.


Apple focuses on the interaction of their products. Mobile operating system iOS is in constant contact with macOS and watchOS. Most user data is easily synchronized. Photos, notes, contacts, music, videos, email, documents — comfortable enough to have access to the same files from different devices. If you own a Macbook/iMAC/iPad, then the choice of platform for you becomes more apparent.

Что лучше купить: iOS или Android?1

Have Android with a similar connection is quite tight. Here the ecosystem is not due to the platform and brand. Smartphones one company often perfectly friendly with smart appliances and accessories of the same brand. In the example you can put Xiaomi or Samsung.


For the products Apple produced many proprietary and third-party accessories. Different cases of charging, foil and glass. To find something similar for your devices is not difficult.

The same situation is with the well-known manufacturers of Android devices: Samsung, Huawei, LG, ASUS, Xiaomi. Most often you’ll find the right accessory. But the lower the popularity of your model than maloizvestnye brand, the more difficulties are waiting for you search the same sheath.

Brand power

A couple of years ago, having an iPhone in his pocket was considered a wild bluff. Now price latest current models, which are a sign of status and rather accessory.

It is not sad, but Apple is recognizable and most often the user is still on the pros and cons of a particular device. The main thing that the Apple phone, the latest.

And at the time of the release of a new device, the old can be sold for about 60% of the cost. What Android devices to rotate virtually impossible due to small liquidity.


Android definitely attracts users with its affordability. Wide range will allow to find the device in any budget. And the choice is more than obvious until you get to the upper price category.

And here on the foreground there are personal preferences and needs. Fans of the ecosystem or the people surrounded by Apple users often are inclined to iOS technology. Lovers of unusual pieces, non-standard technical solutions often look down on shelves with the Android technology.

But most often, if there is no preference towards any system, Android is ready to offer more features and at a much lower price.


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